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CNC Storage Caddies

Machining professionals know that CNC cutting tool assemblies are far too valuable to poorly handle and improperly store.  That is where SFS tool Caddies come in.  Caddies supply the preferred solution in mobile tool storage. Each cart features a thick-gauge coated steel chassis supported by large diameter hard-wearing casters.   Effortlessly transport tool assemblies from centralized storage area to work station safely and securely.

Used in conjunction with SFS THT series tool assembly trays, Caddies ship with holder inserts designed specifically for BT, CAT, or HSK tapers.  Store up to 30 tool assemblies. Adjustable and detachable insert trays are thick coated steel and the inserts are highly durable ABS polymer material.  Trays are adjustable to three angles.  And, the inserts snap in and can be adjusted horizontally within the tray.

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Caddie Highlightstool-holder-image2.jpg

  1.  Thick-gauge coated steel chassis
  2.  Large diameter casters
  3.  25” lift-out insert trays provide consistent spacing between assemblies
  4.  Rigid ABS inserts conform to tool holder shank taper
  5.  Large work surface and on-board storage area
  6.  Vertically space insert trays at 0, 15, and 30 degree angles
  7.  Transport tooling to work area

Organize - Store - Protect

Considering the nominal investment, heavy-duty industrial storage Caddies deliver tangible cost benefits and help extend tool life.  And, they are designed to offer the highest level of flexibility, protection, and versatility.  Create a well-organized, productive, and safe environment, while conserving space.  Create a highly organized and efficient shop floor by adding well-designed storage equipment. Visual management initiatives reveal "hard"and "soft" savings and benefits, including:

  • Scrap reduction       caddie-collage-image.jpg
  • Improved up-time
  • Inventory reduction
  • Labor savings
  • Safety enhancement
  • Quality Improvement
  • Reduced motion

No matter if you have a formal LEAN and 5S program in place, maintenance and storage of high-priced CNC tooling and tool holders are keys to professionally managed tool shop.

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