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CNC Storage Cabinets

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Every professional, well-managed machining operation is furnished with the proper tool storage equipment. Especially considering the investment, heavy-duty industrial storage cabinets deliver quantifiable cost and quality benefits.  Create a well-organized, productive, and safe environment, while conserving floor space.  

Our CNC tool storage cabinets supply the optimum solution for protecting and storing valuable CNC tool assemblies. Cabinets are thick-gauge coated steel offered in both fully enclosed and open versions.   Used in conjunction with SFS THT series tool assembly trays, every cabinet supplies the best in tool storage for every machine shop environment.  And, you will find tool insert receptacles for all standard BT, CAT, and HSK tool holders.  Floor stand cabinets store up to 30 tool assemblies, while our modular cabinet stores 40 tools.  Adjustable and removable insert trays are thick coated steel and the inserts are highly durable ABS polymer material.  And, the inserts snap in and can be adjusted horizontally within the tray.

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Cabinet Highlights

  1.  Open and closed door configurations
  2.  All cabinets use THT 25” tool trays for ultimate flexibility
  3.  Secure tools in locking cabinet
  4.  Store up to 40 assemblies per unit
  5.  Vertically space tooling at 0, 15, and 30 degree angles

Use cabinets for central storage area and NCT tool carts to quickly and safely transport tooling to the work area.  The removable insert trays allow convenient, secure handling of multiple tool assemblies.  

No matter if you have a formal LEAN and 5S program in place, maintenance and storage of high-priced CNC tooling are keys to professionally managed tool shop.  The performance benefits to a well-organized shop floor are numerous, and include:


  • Scrap reduction       
  • Improved up-time
  • Inventory reduction
  • Labor savings
  • Safety enhancement
  • Quality Improvement
  • Reduced motion

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