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Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

ShopFlow tool storage cabinets provide the best in organization units for your workspace. Large storage cabinets include locking doors, shelving, drawer space and pegboard panels. Adjustable shelves are heavy-duty construction supporting 220 lbs. accommodating large part storage.  Storage drawers carry 200 lbs. each, measuring 4-3/4” high.  For easy access, cabinet doors open more than 90 degrees and include louvered and pegboard style panels.

Choose from three cabinet designs including locking doors and open configuration.  Each cabinet offers ultimate flexibility and storage options for wide variety of items of various sizes and shapes. 

Store, hang and organize small, medium and large parts keeping them secure and easy to locate.  Perfect for shop floor, stockroom, warehouse and office workspaces.  ShopFlow Solutions storage cabinets are ideal for 5S implementations and visual management.

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