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Storage Bins

Small Parts Storage Binsbin-sum4.jpg

Small Parts Storage Solutions

ShopFlow industrial storage bins are molded from high-strength Polypropylene material, highly resistant to oils, acids, corrosion, rust, and extreme temperatures.  These bins will not bend, warp, or deform even under harsh industrial environments.  Every ShopFlow storage bin is molded with a reinforced base, wide side ribs and hefty top rim enhancing the durability and rigidity of these thick-wall bin containers.  And, every bin ships with a clear, thick label holder and large product identification label.

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Hanging Bins feature a full-width rear hanger rim that is molded-in allowing bins to hang from all louvered style panels. The large, beveled opening delivers parts quickly and with ease. Easy to install, remove, and re-position.  Bins are stocked in 3 colors with an optional clear color available upon request.  SBH series bins work perfectly bin-sum2.jpgwith SFS louvered panels, panel racks, and bench racks.


  1.  Securely mounts to all louvered panels
  2.  Easily retrieve small parts
  3.  Industrial polymer material is easy to clean
  4.  Color code supplies and small parts


Stacking Bins come standard with 4 rigid PE stabilizer pins and molded-in side panel locking mechanism that allows bins to be stacked without twisting or spreading apart when stacked.  Confidently stack on table tops, bench tops, and shelving for a totally secure organization and storage system. 


  1.  Visually manage and control inventory
  2.  Stabilizer pins enlarge the opening between rows
  3.  Side-to-side locking feature minimizes deformation
  4.  Extra-wide top rim provides rigidity and stability


 Make Your Workplace Work

Combine SFS storage bins with louvered panel systems, bin racks, panel racks, and 5S storage cabinets.  Easily and inexpensively create a well-organized workspace that generates financial and organizational benefits including:

  • Improve material flowbin-color-chart-3.jpg
  • Expedite order picking
  • Create a visual management system
  • Reduce parts handling time
  • Control inventory
  • Shorten assembly times

If you need a size or color not available from our stock line, please contact us.  We will work with you to supply a product that meets you exact specifications.

Large open front is beveled offering superior user convenience and access.


High-strength rib is molded into the side panel providing maximum strength and capacity.


Built-in rear hanger works on all louvered panels, rails, and cart systems.


Stacking bins include heavy-duty stabilizer pins.




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