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Stacking Bins

Expandable, Versatile, and Strong

Heavy-duty industrial SBS series stacking storage bins are molded from high-strength Polypropylene material, which is highly resistant to oils, acids, and extreme temperatures.  Available in a wide range of stock sizes, SBS bins are designed with heavy reinforced base, wide side ribs, and thick top rim for maximum durability and strength.  The unique side-to-side locking feature adds rigidity and stability, allowing bins to be stacked without twisting or distorting when filled.  The large beveled front opening promotes easy access to component parts.  And, the added height between rows delivers parts quickly and accurately.  Use with all Bin Racks and 5S Storage Cabinets, or build a stand-alone custom storage system. All bins feature identification labels and stabalization pins allowing convenient stand-alone bin stacking.cq0a2721.jpg


  1.  Visually manage and control inventory
  2.  Stabilizer pins expand bin opening between rows
  3.  Side-to-side locking feature minimizes deformation
  4.  Extra-wide top rim provides rigidity and stability


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