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Preconfigured Bin Racks

Organize, Inventory, Visualize

Preconfigured Storage Bin Racks from ShopFlow are widely viewed as the preferred small and medium-size parts storage and inventory control management tool.  Made from sturdy, thick-wall Polypropylene material, our bins resist water, oils and acids and are easy to clean.  Large mouth bin openings provide efficient small parts selection and superior visual management.

Choose from 12 preconfigured bin racks that transform your shop floor from a disorganized, cluttered space to a visual, well-organized and efficient workflow area.  Simply choose from our most popular styles and storage bin choices based on the size the items to be stored.  And, SFS MBR and FBR series bin racks are available in both floor stand and mobile versions, as well as single and double-sided models.  No matter what you need to store, or where you need to store them, we have the perfect solution.

Built To Last                                                                      Storage Bins and Rack Included

Every SFS bin rack is formed from 16 gauge coated steel, supported by extra-wide thick steel base and large diameter, hard-wearing casters.  Mobile racks are easily maneuvered to where the work is located.  SFS bin racks are the choice for all areas of your business including the manufacturing floor, warehouse, fabrication, assembly, stockroom, office, sample room, and display room. 

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