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Modular Drawer Cabinets

Heavy-Duty Modular Cabinets                                                       cabinet-collage-web-image.jpg

ShopFlow Solutions line of preconfigured modular storage cabinets are designed for heavy-duty industrial use, built for the harshest factory floor environments. Our stock line represents industry’s most popular choice for cabinet style, size, drawer configuration, and cabinet features that address the majority of industrial tool storage applications. 

Choose from 28”, 34”, and 40” stock cabinet widths, each offered in 41" and 59” heights.  However, we can customize your cabinet to meet your exact specifications by altering drawer configuration, cabinet dimensions, color, options, and supply mobile cabinets that feature heavy-duty casters.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is time to consider upgrading, organizing and simplifying your shop floor:

  1. Storage requirements have outstripped storage capacity
  2. Floor space is tight
  3. Wasted time searching for tools and supplies
  4. Lost or damaged tools
  5. Inability to track tool usage
  6. Incapable of securing valuable tools and supplies 

Fabricated from 16-gauge steel with thick powder coated finish

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28-wide-3.jpg   34-wide-2.jpg   40-wide-2.jpg

 Variety ~ Selection ~ Value

The goal here at SFS is to make the selection process as quick and painless as possible.  We don't force you to choose from a list of features and options because we include them with every standard cabinet.  "Keep It Simple" is the general rule.

Options Come Standard:upgrade-image.jpg

  1. Master key lock
  2. Anti-tip system
  3. Work surface top with retainer rim
  4. Double-rail bearing drawer glides
  5. Steel drawer dividers
  6. Handles include slide-out label

As with every SFS product, you receive the highest quality, industrial-grade cabinets for much less than you would pay for a lighter weight, inferior alternative. So, if you are interested in stretching that CAPEX budget, or adding more equipment for the same budget dollars, you have come to the right place.  No matter if you select a product from our standard line, or your application requires a custom solution, you will not pay a premium price.  You will never forfeit quality or quantity to achieve operating or budget objectives.

Tough, Versatile, and Smooth

The guts of the ShopFlow cabinet are, of course, our heavy-duty drawers.  Built to offer maximum design flexibility and carry a huge payload.  Choose from 9 drawer heights up to 16".  All drawers are supplied with double-rail, bearing glide system that allows for 100% opening access and support 440 lbs. of weight.

drawer-dimension-image2.jpgSafety First caution-image.jpg

Our unique Anti-tip safety system allows only one drawer open at a time.  Opening multiple drawers at the top of the cabinet can cause the cabinet to fall forward creating a safety hazard, damage to contents, and damage to the cabinet.  

divider-part.jpgFunctional and Versatile Drawer Interiors

Every cabinet ships with thick-gauge steel drawer partitions and dividers that are adjustable in 5/8" increments.  Quickly customize drawer interiors to create a highly efficient, practically limitless organization system.   Order additional dividers to expand drawer capacity.  Squeeze every inch of available space out of every cabinet AND make those frequently used small parts easy to find.

Visualize ~ Organize ~ Simplify

Don't waste time searching for frequently used parts and components.  Accessorize your cabinet by adding drawer compartment bins designed especially for each cabinet style.  Again, SFS compartment bins come in standard configurations based on cabinet style and size.  Every bin set includes three sizes of bins, accommodating a wide variety of component parts.summary2.jpg   

Custom Options

We realize there will be applications that require a cabinet not offered in our stock line.  Don't worry about it.  We will design and build a cabinet that meets your exact specifications...and you will not pay a premium price.  Simply call and speak with a Product Application Specialist, discuss your application requirements and we will quickly submit a quotation.  More Details

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Modular Cabinet Key Features: 

Work surface top with ribbed mat & retainer rim.                      Pallet base for use with fork truck.

top-2.jpg                                        pallet-base.jpg 

Central key lock comes standard on all cabinets.                       Anti-tip safety system.

tool-cabinet-features-1.jpg                                                drawer-glide-image3.jpg 

Customize interiors with ABS bins.                                             Double-rail track allows 100% opening access.

tool-cabinet-features-3.jpg                                          storage-cabinet-features-4.jpg 

Bearing glides insure smooth operation.                                      Steel dividers are adjustable in 5/8" increments.

storage-cabinet-features-5.jpg                                          storage-cabinet-features-6.jpg



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