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No matter if you are a doctor, pharmacist, medical technician, nurse, facilities maintenance, records and archives, or administrator, you need to access frequently used supplies and devices quickly and accurately.  That is where we come in.  We are as committed to offering the widest range of storage and organization equipment as you are to caring for your patients.  All SFS products are designed to provide the ultimate visual management and inspection capabilities to guarantee the right item is there when you need, every time.  

Everywhere You Need Us

Restricted floor space?  No worries.  Our standard product range of cabinets, bin racks, louvered panel systems, and storage bins will maximize every square inch of floor space. Single and double-sided racks, louvered wall systems, and modular cabinets drastically expand your capacity for storing a multitude of items with total accuracy.  In fact, bins and cabinets include built-in labeling systems and visual identification.  Increase capacity and reduce floor space requirements everywhere:

  • Office spacebin-sum4.jpg
  • Maintenance area
  • Supplies storage area
  • Patient floor
  • Store room
  • Bulk storage area

Create direct lines-of-sight and even use multi-colored bins to color code items for immediate identification.  And, all storage and material handling equipment provides self-regulating, self-tracking, and self-ordering resource.

You will find the perfect storage and organization solution here, including supplies storage, device storage, material handling, and bulk storage.


~  STC  series cabinets
~  SBC  series 5S storage cabinets
~  FBP/MBP  series panel racks
~  MBR/FBR  series bin racks
~  LBR  series bench top louvered racks
~  SLP  series louvered wall systems
~  SRP  series rolling pallets
~  SWC  series wire mesh containers


We don't force you to select from a long list of product features and options in order to make the right choice for your application.  We offer industry's widest range of standard storage and organization products that address your needs quickly and painlessly.  All you have to do is browse, click, and you're done.  No matter the size, shape, or quantity of components, we can supply the precise solution, most likely with a standard option.  If you don't find what you need, please contact us.  We can design a custom solution that meets your exact specifications, quickly and inexpensively.


We realize price is inconsequential if product features and quality fall short of expectations.  ShopFllow Solutions products are designed and built to withstand the harshest industrial environments.  The process begins with using only the highest-grade raw materials, then fabricating and assembling with strict quality standards and procedures.  And, because we supply directly to OEM and end-users, you receive best-in-class product quality for much lower prices.  

  1. Every modular cabinet, 5S cabinet, louvered panel system, and bin rack is formed from 16 gauge coated steel.
  2. Plastic containers and bins are molded from high-strength, thick-walled Polypropylene and ABS material that resists water, oil, acids, and extreme temperatures.
  3. Steel cabinets feature all-welded structure, reinforced corners, and thick powder coated finish.

Call now to speak with an Application Specialist to discuss your requirements.  Call 800.274.4123   Or Contact Us here

Medical and Health Care Solutions

                Modular Cabinets                                                          5S Cabinets

          cabinet-image2.jpg                                             h169.jpg

                  Panel Racks                                                                    Bin Racks

               double-side-m.jpg                                          bro6f-2.jpg

               Louvered Wall System                                                     Louvered Bench Rack

               slp1818.jpg                                       bench-panel.jpg

               Roll Pallets                                                                      Mesh Containers

           roll-pallets.jpg                                             wire-cage.jpg








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