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It is tough enough to close an order, process it correctly, manufacture to specifications, ship on-time, and collect payment.  If you are manufacturing, you are constantly searching for innovative, breakthrough products and processes that can provide a competitive advantage.  The fact is, there isn't an area of your facility that wouldn't benefit from a small investment is the proper organization and storage equipment.  No matter if your are interested in improving efficiency and productivity on the production floor, warehouse, assembly, stockroom, machine shop, maintenance, secondary operations, tool room, sample room, or general administrative area, you have come to the right place.

Here at SFS, we are all about visual management, waste reduction, scrap reduction, and worker satisfaction.  You may be involved with LEAN manufacturing or just looking for ways to improve your process and raise quality scores, while reducing costs.  We can show you how the addition of some well-placed organization and storage equipment can favorably impact your operation.  What can be achieved?

Hard Savings

  1. Cut waste
  2. Promote safetylean-benefits-chart.jpg
  3. Improve accuracy
  4. Cycle time reduction
  5. Reduce inventory
  6. Defect rate reduction
  7. Delivery lead-time reduction

Soft Savings

  1. Space utilization
  2. Employee morale
  3. Environment / housekeeping
  4. Employee engagement

Operational Imperative 

While we are not suggesting this requires hiring a team of LEAN consultants in order to make some common sense improvements, there is more involved than buying more mops, brooms and buckets.  Creating a long-term, sustainable process improvement requires a methodical approach to identifying and installing the proper tools that support an over-arching goal of achieving operational excellence.

You will find the perfect storage and organization solution here, including small parts storage, tool storage, material handling, and bulk storage.



    ~  STC  series cabinets
    ~  SBC  series 5S storage cabinets
    ~  THC  series CNC tool storage
    ~  FBP/MBP  series panel racks
    ~  MBR/FBR  series bin racks
    ~  SRP  series rolling pallets
    ~  SWC  series wire mesh containers

Do More, Better, Faster, With Less

In the manufacturing environment, effective and inexpensive organization and storage requirements are limitless.  Fortunately, SFS produces a wide range of storage and organization products and systems that address every area of your organization.  You will find everything you need to store, inventory, track, protect, and deliver the right product at the right time.  


We don't force you to select from a long list of product features and options in order to make the right choice for your application.  We offer industry's widest range of standard storage and organization products that address your needs quickly and painlessly.  All you have to do is browse, click, and you're done.  No matter the size, shape, or quantity of components, we can supply the precise solution, most likely with a standard option.  If you don't find what you need, please contact us.  We can design a custom solution that meets your exact specifications, quickly and inexpensively.


We realize quality trumps price every time.  That explains why we use only the highest-quality materials to fabricate and mold every component part and finished product.

  1. STC series cabinets, SBC 5S cabinets, FBP & MBP series panel racks, MBR & FBR bin racks, and LBR & SLP series louvered panels are manufactured from 16 gauge coated steel.
  2. Plastic containers, storage bins, compartment bins, casters and handles are molded from thick-walled Polypropylene and ABS materials that provide excellent resistance to water, acids, oils, and extreme temperatures.  Product designs feature ribbed side walls and extra thick top rim to prevent warping or bending. 
  3. All steel-built cabinets include welded construction, reinforced corners, and thick, durable powder coating.

Call now to speak with an Application Specialist to discuss your requirements.  Call 800.274.4123   Or Contact Us here

Manufacturing Solutions

            Modular Cabinets                                                          5S Cabinets

          cabinet-image2.jpg                                             h169.jpg

            Bin Racks                                                                      CNC Tool Storage 

         bin-panel-rack-image.jpg                                 cabinet-caddie-2-.jpg









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