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Machine Shop

Machine Shop


It is no secret that a huge portion of your shops budget goes to tooling.  And, yet, the time that tool spends actually cutting is a fraction of time spent in the shop. Travel time to and from the machine, assembly time, inventory management, maintenance soaks-up a lot of time.  But, this downtime also opens the door to tool damage and premature tool life.  That is where we come in.

Probably the number one focus of all successful shops revolves around extending tool life.  While you will get a consensus from shop managers that cutting tools can make or break their ability to compete and remain profitable, surprisingly, proper tool storage is often an afterthought.  Protecting the cutting edge of any tool during non-production time should be a priority.  What's more, it requires a fairly minimal investment to realize hard, quantifiable savings.

We're Big on Options

Our goal is to make your life easier.  That is why we offer industry's widest range of CNC tool assembly storage options.  Cabinets and Caddies are designed to provide maximum versatility and customization, but in a standard product.

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  • Locking door security
  • Mobile models
  • Adjustable insert trays
  • Removable insert trays

Built To Last

All cabinets and caddies are manufactured from 16 gauge coated steel. Hard-wearing, large diameter casters on tool Caddies include locking wheels and insure effortless maneuverability. Maintain superior tool protection while transporting to the machine.  Caddies include large rubberized work surface for handling tool assemblies.

Insert trays are produced from thick-gauge coated steel that feature large thick wire handles for easy removal.  The tool assembly inserts are molded from hard-wearing ABS material that tightly cradles tool holders preventing potentially damaging vibration.  Cabinet and Caddie housing and chassis are designed to allow multiple positioning of insert trays for optimum convenience and ergonomics. Trays can be positioned at 0°, 15°, and 30° angles.

Custom Solutions Come Standard

Once you select the cabinet or caddie that best suits your shop floor requirements, you have the option to choose from standard tool holder tapers including BT, CAT, and HSK series holders.  All sizes of insert trays are interchangeable and can be used with all SFS cabinets and caddies.  The individual inserts can be adjusted horizontally within the tray, easily snapped-in as needed.  Trays carry up to six inserts, all of the same taper.


You will find the perfect CNC tool storage option here.  And, because SFS works directly with OEM and end-users, you receive best-in-class quality products for much less than you would pay for light and medium-duty equipment.  So, if you are interested in stretching that CAPEX budget, or adding more equipment for the same budget dollars, you have come to the right place.  No matter if you select a product from our standard line, or your application requires a custom solution, you will not pay a premium price.  Rest assured you will never forfeit quality or quantity to achieve operating or budget objectives.

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Machine Shop Solutions

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