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Louvered Hanging Systems

summary.jpgThe Most Versatile Organization System

Organize stockroom, warehouse, office space and production area with ShopFlow Solutions Louvered Panel Systems. Multiple small parts organization options that are designed to optimize floor space, track inventory, and create a visual management approach that improves efficiency, accuracy, and material flow.

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  • Fabricated from 16 gauge cold-rolled steel
  • Finished with a thick, durable powder coating
  • Wide range of popular sizes in stock
  • Wall mount system and bench top models
  • Combine panels to create a custom organization solution
  • Large selection of industrial hanging bins to accommodate small and large components
  • Louvers accept all models of hanging bins

Louvered panel systems can be mounted on walls, installed inside service vehicles, or stand on bench tops, table tops or cabinets.  Create a custom designed, highly flexible solution for organizing small and medium-sized parts and components. Large capacity bins are ideal for small parts inventory control and visual management.louvered2.jpg

Louvered Wall Mount panels come in a variety of dimensions designed to transform empty, underutilized wall space to an extremely useful, valuable storage resource.  No matter if your space is narrow, short, or wide and tall, use a SFS louvered wall mount panel to fill up with small parts, supplies, and components. 

  • 5 stock sizes ranging from 18”W x 18”H to 18”W x 61”H
  • Add panels as needed to address changing demands
  • Permanently mounts to wall for increased stability
  • Attractive blue coated steel

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Louvered Bench Racks provide the best option for converting cluttered and messy bench tops into a neat and orderly work surface.  Reduce picking time, wasted motion, and improve accuracy by storing supplies in large, easy to reach plastic bins. 

  • 4 stock sizes up to 24” high and 36” long.
  • Heavy-duty steel base easily supports fully loaded bins
  • Louvers offer speedy installation and positioning bins

Hanging Storage Bins

Use SBH series hanging bins with all SFS louvered panel systems.  All hanging bins are molded from thick-wall Polypropylene material, resistant to oils, acids, water, extreme temperatures and are easily cleaned.       bin-sum.jpg

  • Wide mouth bin openings dispense parts comfortably and efficiently
  • Use bins to color code products, reducing the opportunity for mixing items accidentally
  • Bins include reinforced thick side ribs, full width hanger rim installs quickly and securely to louvered panels

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