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Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment


If you are in the business of making heavy equipment, then you need heavy-duty industrial storage.  That is where we come in.  You will find a complete range of industrial-grade storage cabinets, modular cabinet, 5S cabinets, and material handling equipment right here.  Every area of your organization is covered, regardless of the type of heavy equipment:

  • Earthmoving
  • Underground construction
  • Paving equipment
  • Truck and tower cranes
  • Attachments
  • Trucking

All areas of production, product development, testing, warehouse, machine shop, stockroom, maintenance, raw material and bulk storage, and administrative areas require first-class industrial storage and material handling equipment.  

Value Propositon

The fact that we work directly with OEM and end-users, insures you receive industry's highest quality products for much less than you would pay for light and medium-duty equipment elsewhere.  So, if stretching that CAPEX budget, or adding more equipment for the same budget dollars, is important to you, then this is the right place.  No matter if you select a product from our standard line, or your application requires a custom solution, you will not pay a premium price.  Rest assured you will not forfeit quality or quantity to achieve operating or budget objectives.

Muscular and Versatile

We appreciate that quality will always drive your purchase decision when selecting material handling and storage equipment.  There are few occasions when you don't have to choose between high quality or low price.  Not the case here.  We are the frequently chosen supplier because you get a lot more for a lot less.  

  • Our STC modular cabinets, SBC 5S cabinets, MBR & FSR series bin racks, FBP & MBP series panel racks, and SLP & LBR louvered systems are formed from 16 gauge coated steel.
  • Plastic products including SBS & SBH series storage bins, SCN & SCF reusable containers, and compartment bins are molded from thick-walled Polypropylene and ABS material that are highly resistant to water, oils, acids, and extreme temperatures.
  • Cabinets include all-welded body, fortified corners, and double-track bearing drawer glides.

Here at ShopFlow Solutions, we are all about visual management, waste reduction, scrap reduction, and worker satisfaction.  You may be involved with LEAN manufacturing or just looking for ways to improve your process and raise quality scores, while reducing costs.  We can show you how the addition of some well-placed organization and storage equipment can favorably impact your operation.  What can be achieved?

Hard Savings

  1. Cut wasteheavy-equip-image2.jpg
  2. Promote safety
  3. Improve accuracy
  4. Cycle time reduction
  5. Reduce inventory
  6. Defect rate reduction
  7. Delivery lead-time reduction

Soft Savings

  1. Space utilization
  2. Employee morale
  3. Environment / housekeeping
  4. Employee engagement

Custom Options.  Same Price.

Our knowledgeable and experienced design engineers will quickly propose a product design that meets your exact specifications.  You simply choose dimensions, accessories, color, and related components and we will take care of the rest.  And, custom-made does not have to mean complicated, expensive, frustrating, or time consuming.

The most innovative product design ideas are driven from “outside-in”.   When our customers face application challenges they rely on ShopFlow Solutions to work jointly with them on a creative and effective solution.  This process works so well because we collaborate directly with our OEM and end-user customers.  Custom Detail

Call now to speak with an Application Specialist to discuss your requirements.  Call 800.274.4123   Or Contact Us here

Manufacturing Solutions

            Modular Cabinets                                                          5S Cabinets

          cabinet-image2.jpg                                             h169.jpg

            Bin Racks                                                                      CNC Tool Storage 

         bin-panel-rack-image.jpg                                 cabinet-caddie-2-.jpg









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