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Hanging Bins

Tough, Versatile, and Efficient

Heavy-duty SBH series hanging storage bins are molded from high-strength Polypropylene material that is highly resistant to oils, acids, and extreme temperatures.  Available in a wide range of stock sizes, hanging bins are designed with reinforced base, wide side ribs, and thick top rim for maximum durability.  Bins are rigid and unbreakable, and will not bend or flex when filled.  And, they can be easily cleaned.  The large beveled front opening promotes easy access to component parts.  All SBH bins work with louvered panel systems.louvered-feature.jpg


  1.  Securely mounts to all louvered panels
  2.  Easily retrieve small parts
  3.  Industrial polymer material is easy to clean
  4.  Color code supplies and small parts

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