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CNC Tool Storage

CNC Tool Storage

CNC Tool Cabinets & Caddies  cabinet-sum-image.jpg

Organize your tool room and production floor with ShopFlow Solutions CNC Tool Storage Cabinets and Caddies. Our heavy-duty industrial cabinets and Caddies are essential to every advanced machining center and professional interested in protecting and securing valuable CNC tool assemblies.  Equipped with THT series tool holder insert trays, our storage equipment accommodates all standard sizes of tool holder tapers including BT, CAT, and HSK style holders.

Built from thick gauge coated steel, each heavy-duty frame is slotted at 1 inch increments to allow insert trays to be positioned at various angles.  Choose from an expanded range of equipment sizes, styles, and storage configurations, including instant view open designs and fully enclosed cabinets with locking doors.  SFS tool storage is essential to your 5S and LEAN manufacturing programs.



  • Mobile and floor-stand models
  • Openly visible or fully enclosed with key lock
  • Interchangeable and adjustable holder trays
  • Removable insert trays for quick access to multiple tool assemblies
  • Capacity of up to 30 tool assemblies per unit
  • Accommodates standard tool holder tapers
  • Customize by combining tool trays of different holder styles

THT Tool Trays

All SFS Caddies and Cabinets employ THT series interchangeable 25” long holder trays that can be placed in a variety of positions depending on the specific size and style of the tool assembly.  Holder tray inserts are available in a complete range of standard tool holder tapers for CAT, BT, and bt30-2.jpgHSK style tool assemblies, and feature sided-to-side consistent spacing between assemblies.  Trays are preconfigured with up to 5 inserts, and they are sold separately allowing customization of the Caddies and Cabinets depending on size and style of the tool holder.

Insert trays are built from thick-gauge coated steel and feature large wire handles to facilitate installation and removal. The tool assembly inserts are molded from heavy-duty, rigid, high impact ABS material that is highly resistant to oils, acids, and extreme temperatures.  And, each insert is designed and molded to conform to the tool holder shank taper.  Pre-set tool assemblies are secure and protected from damage.

Tool Caddie

SFS tool Caddies present the most versatile option for organizing and protecting all of your valuable CNC pre-set tool assemblies.  The heavy-duty coated steel chassis organizes and carries up to 30 tool assemblies, utilizing standard THT series tool holder trays.  Increase efficiency and minimize production down-time by transporting your pre-set tooling to where the work is being completed.  Visually manage and track inventory and tool usage.

Caddie Highlightstool-holder-image2.jpg

  1.  Thick-gauge coated steel chassis
  2.  Large diameter, hard-wearing casters
  3.  25” lift-out insert trays provide consistent spacing between assemblies
  4.  Rigid ABS inserts conform to tool holder shank taper
  5.  Large work surface and on-board storage area
  6.  Vertically space insert trays at 0, 15, and 30 degree angles
  7.  Easily maneuver Caddie where needed

Tool Cabinet

Choose from a wide selection of tool cabinet sizes, styles, and configurations that are central to the efficient operation of today’s professional machining center.  The all welded coated steel frame uses stock THT series insert trays for effective, laborsaving storage of standard tool holder styles and sizes.  Free-standing, heavy-duty cabinets include lift-out trays or permanent roll-out drawers.  Highly versatile, SFS cabinets can be reconfigured to accommodate changing tool holders.  Ideal for pre-set CNC tool assemblies.

Cabinet Highlights

  1.  Open and closed door configurations
  2.  All cabinets use THT 25” tool trays for ultimate flexibility
  3.  Customize by combining tool holder sizes and styles
  4.  Secure tools in locking cabinet
  5.  Store up to 40 assemblies per unit
  6.  Vertically space tooling at 0, 15, and 30 degree angles

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