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Heavy Duty Tool Storage Cabinet

Heavy Duty Modular Cabinets

ShopFlow Solutions line of preconfigured modular tool cabinets are designed for heavy-duty industrial use, built for the harshest factory floor environments. Our stock line represents industry’s most popular choice for cabinet style, size, drawer configuration, and cabinet features that address the majority of industrial tool storage applications. 

Choose from 16”, 22”, 28”, 34”, and 40” cabinet widths and wide variety of cabinet heights up to 57” high.  Besides mobile and stationary models, select combination drawer and side or bottom storage area that incorporates adjustable shelves and locking doors.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is time to consider upgrading, organizing, and simplifying your shop floor:

  1.  Storage requirements have outstripped storage capacity
  2.  Floor space is tight
  3.  Wasted time searching for tools and supplies
  4.  Lost or damaged tools
  5.  Inability to track tool usage
  6.  Incapable of securing valuable tools and supplies

And, maybe lack of expense budget to invest in the necessary improvements and modernization of storage equipment.  No problem.  The value-add provided by installing SFS storage cabinets turns a modest investment into substantial savings by eliminating inefficient or inadequate storage.


Simplify.  We have selected the most popular styles and sizes for your convenience and made them available to ship from stock.  Without busting your budget.                                                                      cabinet-features-summary2.jpg

Structural Features:

  • Built from all welded 16 gauge steel
  • Thick powder coated finish extends life and durability
  • Master key lock standard
  • Individual drawer latch prevents accidental opening
  • Thick-gauge steel drawer dividers standard
  • Built-in drawer identification label

Tough, Versatile, and Smooth

The guts of the ShopFlow cabinet are, of course, our heavy duty modular drawers, which are built to offer maximum design flexibility and carry a huge payload.  A total of 9 drawer heights are available ranging from 2” (50mm) to 16” (400mm) in both single and double-rail glide systems.drawer-dimension-image2.jpg

Stock cabinets with drawer heights under 4” use single track rails that provide 85% opening access, while all drawers higher than 4” use double-track rails that provide 100% opening access and have a weight capacity of more than 300 lbs. 

Adjustable Drawer Dividers & Partitions

Every cabinet ships with thick-gauge steel drawer dividers preconfigured for every drawer height and size based on the cabinet series.  Heavy-duty steel dividers are adjustable within 5/8" increments and offer limitless parts organization possibilities.


Or, you can customize specific drawers and organize small parts by using SFS industrial-grade compartment bins and slotted partitions.  Molded from thick-wall rigid ABS polymer material that resists water, oils, acids, and extreme temperatures.  Preconfigured drawer organization assemblies are packaged and ready to ship based on cabinet series and drawer heights.



If you have a particular application that requires alternative specifications (cabinet dimensions, number or size of drawers, etc.), please contact us. There are many more custom options available to meet your exact application requirements.                  

Modular Cabinet Key Features:                                                              BACK TO CABINETS

Master cabinet key lock comes standard on all cabinets.

 tool storage cabinet with master cabinet locks

Every drawer includes safety latch to prevent accidental opening.

 Tool storage cabinet with safety drawer locks

All drawers less than 4" high have single rail, which provides 85% opening capacity and more than 220 lb. load capacity.

 220 lb load capacity tool storage cabinet

All drawers 4" high and above include double rail to provide 100% opening capacity and more than 300 lb. load capacity.

 300lb load capacity industrial storage cabinet

The special track design uses bearings to guarantee smooth, confident gliding action regardless of weight.

 Storage cabinet with EZ-Glide drawers

Adjustable steel dividers come standard allowing for segmentation of drawer contents. Dividers can be adjusted in 5/8" increments.

Adjustable dividers for a tool storage cabinet


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