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Repeatability in Manufacturing


There a great number of reasons why having a consistent, repeatable process is crucial to your success, as you might imagine. And some you might not even considered yet.

One concept used to help describe the quality LEAN process and others is that of “repeatability”, the ability to produce a part or component *exactly the same every single time. Some products need not be as precise as others, but that’s no reason why being able to repeat your process with the highest levels of consistency shouldn’t be a goal.

Problems can still arise of course, and must be addressed quickly – because otherwise you can repeatedly produce a defective part as easily as a perfect one in most cases.

Then you also need to test the validity of the equipment you are using, too!

Don’t assume because it came from a highly technical piece of equipment, etc. that you still don’t need to verify your data in some way. “Garbage in, garbage out” is the saying. Take the time to calibrate your tools as much as possible to ensure your product is as perfect as can be.

Another, less-recognized way a company protects itself by creating consistently high quality products is legally. Many manufacturers might be surprised to know that they can be involved in a class action suit or similar even if they don’t have direct contact with the end customers! Or if they were simply following designs provided to them. More reasons that having a repeatable process is so vital – to protect the company from any possible reliability issues and also cut down on customer service needs (to deal with irate partners or consumers; replace or repair items) too.

Your shop needs to run as efficiently as possible, to reduce scrap material caused by problems which result in defective components and parts in the manufacturing, assembly line or handling process. It also ensures that the products you’re producing are the same every time.

f there were ever a clearer need to reduce waste from an entirely different perspective, and produce error-free components at the precise requirements required by your customers, this is it! Having an organized workplace, with items like convenient industrial tool storage solutions; cabinets, bins and containers for parts; and proper work stations that allow your employees to do their jobs well, all of these things can mitigate the risks to your business too.

The products we sell here at ShopFlow Solutions are all designed to make your workplace the most productive and profitable it can be while it continually improves. Our heavy-duty, industrial grade products stand up to the harshest working environments, and you get higher quality products than what others pay for lesser alternatives.

Contact us or call today at (800) 274-4123, and let us share the wealth of information our company has learned over the years helping organizations just like yours.

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