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Quality Industrial Storage Products that Last


We Offer Only the Highest Quality Storage Equipment

If you are interested in creating a highly productive workspace that improves efficiency, quality, safety, and worker satisfaction, then you have come to the right place.

Upgrade your workplace with high-performing modular cabinets that work well under pressure.

It’s impossible to work productively at the highest levels when you have to constantly jiggle handles every time you open a drawer, force jammed cabinets open, or rely on the “guess and check” method of finding the tools.

Modular Cabinet

A good example of the types of products we sell every day would be our reliable industrial tool cabinets. They are made with thick-gauge coated steel, designed to withstand years and years of heavy-duty use. The special "glide-eze" rail and bearing design means you’ll never struggle to open the drawers, even when they carry heavy loads – a load capacity of 400+ pounds. Our cabinets also feature an anti-tip system allowing only one drawer open at a time to prevent cabinet from falling forward.  And, every cabinet incorporates a thick powder coating that resists rust and corrosion.

At SFS you will not pay more for product features that typically cost more when added as an option with other brands.  Every cabinet ships with a pallet base, master key lock, work surface top with rubber mat and retaining rim, steel partitions and dividers.

You will find a total solution for industrial storage, material handling, workspace equipment, parts organization, and CNC tool storage protection for every aspect of your business right here. And when you spend money on industrial equipment and supplies, you want your money’s worth, so those are the only things we sell here at ShopFlow Solutions.

Thick-gauge, thick-walled, and thick-coated products you’ll be proud to put on your shop floor. ShopFlow Solutions is your #1 source for highly dependable industrial storage and materials handing products.

The products we sell at ShopFlow Solutions are all designed to make your workplace the most productive environment possible, while it continually improves over time. Our heavy-duty, industrial grade products stand up to the harshest working environments, and once again, you’ll always get higher quality products than what others will pay for lesser alternatives.

Contact us or call today at (800) 274-4123 to learn more about our products and how you can rely on everything we carry here at ShopFlow Solutions.


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