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Material Handling Solutions for Manufacturing – Carts, Pallets & Containers


Material Handling Options for Your Organization

Material handling involves short-distance movement within the confines of a building, or between a building and a transportation vehicle or train/airplane container.

There are a number of types of handling - which can be completely manual, semi- or fully-automated, or combinations of the three. Material handling equipment is designed for the protection, storage, and control of materials throughout their manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal. In the case of manual handling, this refers to the use of a worker’s hands to move individual containers by lifting, lowering, filling, emptying, or carrying them. It can expose workers to physical conditions that might be harmful, so all care should be taken to protect their safety at all times. And having the best industrial equipment for the job is a must.

Material Handling Solutions

Material handling is a critical element of manufacturing, which together represent more than 20% of the U.S. economy.

Almost every item of physical commerce you see was transported at one point via a conveyor belt, a truck or another piece of material handling equipment in a manufacturing plant, warehouse or retail store. For a vast number of items, at least some of that material handling has been done manually, by placing products or parts in to or on equipment to ease its transportation.

Material handing is integral to the design of most production systems since the efficient flow of material between the activities of a production system is heavily dependent on the arrangement of the activities. If two activities are near each other, then material might easily be handed from one activity to the next.

If activities are in sequence, a manufacturer may use a conveyor to move material at low cost. However, if they are separated other means must be used to transport them. Expensive industrial trucks or overhead conveyors can be used in some cases. But by far the more cost effective solution if feasible is the use of material handling carts, pallets and wire mesh containers.

Regardless of mode of transport, assembling or breaking the materials into units is the most effective way to move them. A unit load is either a single unit of an item, or multiple units arranged so they can be handled as a single unit and maintain their integrity.

Advantages of unit loads are that more items can be handled at the same time - reducing the number of trips required, handling costs, loading and unloading times, and product damage.

Selecting a unit load size for distribution isn’t always easy, because containers/pallets are usually available only in standard sizes; truck trailers, rail boxcars, and airplane cargo bays are limited in width, height and length. Warehouse layout and storage rack configurations, customer package size and retail store shelf restrictions, and aisle space needed will all factor in too.

Regardless of your material handling needs, we can help you find solutions that work for your company. Our material handling roll pallets are designed to be used in manufacturing, distribution, and retail applications, anywhere goods need to be staged and transported securely and with ease, and our industrial wire mesh containers are used for temporary or permanent storage of raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods and component parts.

Each of these product categories are available in different specifications, so you can find the right solution for you.

The products we sell at ShopFlow Solutions are all designed to make your workplace the most productive environment possible, while it continually improves over time. Our heavy-duty, industrial grade products stand up to the harshest working environments, and because we supply directly to OEM and end-users, you get higher quality products than what other pay for lesser alternatives.

Contact us or call me today at (800) 274-4123, and let us share the wealth of information our company has learned over the years helping organizations just like yours.

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