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How to Use Visual Management to Improve Your Workspace


Visual management is a powerful component to your manufacturing improvement plan. It relies on using visual information to make your work space worker-friendly. Signs, labels, whiteboards and color codes are just a few ways to use visual information to communicate with your workers.

Effective visual management makes the manufacturing process easy to understand. It can be used to help new workers assimilate faster with less training. You can create visual reminders to keep processes sleek, simple and less wasteful.

Writing notes keeps key information close

White boards and sticky notes are simple, but never antiquated. They deliver information where it’s needed – close to the workspace. While useful, emails quickly drift down your inbox, and portions of in-person meetings are promptly forgotten.

A whiteboard allows workers, supervisors and managers to create task lists, leave messages and rearrange shift work schedules while on the work floor. Charts and diagrams are easy to drum up with colored markers and stencils.

More permanent signage can be posted throughout the workplace to make processes self-explanatory. Avoid clutter by keeping the most important signs isolated. Make sure they stand out by using just a few bold words of text and simple graphics.

Visual cues that promote organization

Color codes are handy, and people are quick to recognize them. Each section or process should have its own color. The relevant materials and tools can be kept in color-matching bins or marked with colors to make organization intuitive. You can organize your stockroom, warehouse, office space and production areas with ShopFlow Solutions using items like our modular drawer cabinets and 5S storage cabinets.

Labeling storage bins and drawers in addition to their color coding eliminates any confusion in how tools are stored and where they can be found. Labels and colors make cleanup easier, and mean less time is wasted searching for materials.

Using labels and color codes also makes it easier for workers to adjust to changes in processes. In a workspace of continuous improvement, it may take a few tweaks in arrangement and storage to find the best possible setup, especially as your business grows.

Smart visual management in manufacturing doesn’t only improve your current workflow – it also allows for seamless scaling and adjustment as time goes on. It’s not a one-time renovation; it’s a way of communicating with workers and making changes in a way that makes their jobs easier.

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