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How ShopFlow Solutions Makes Your Company a Better Place to Work


Using ShopFlow Solutions products to create an organized work environment is more than just a smart idea for streamlining your business operations; it makes your workers’ jobs easier and more comfortable. Improved job satisfaction means an increase in productivity and a happier workplace. You’ll notice the difference when you use our products to make changes that reduce fatigue and save time. And your HR Department will thank you for making the departure of happy workers much less likely, reducing their workload and allowing you to avoid costly and time-consuming training to replace those who have left due to their low levels of satisfaction in their workplace.

Cleanliness Is Next To Happiness

Working around clutter and digging through drawers for tools makes every workday drag on. Some workplaces are more prone to collecting clutter than others. When your workstations are designed efficiently to store tools and reduce mess, keeping them clean becomes nearly effortless. Workers will spend less time cleaning up after each workday.

The THC-NCT-A Tool Caddie is one of our most popular products for promoting effortless organization. Interchangeable inserts make this caddie endlessly customizable, so everything always has its place. Wheels and a large work surface make this product a valuable asset to any industrial workplace.

Promotes a Healthy Workspace

An organized workspace is easier to keep clean. Dust, dirt and other allergens quickly build up in cluttered workstations, compromising the building’s air quality and causing Sick Building Syndrome. That’s when you and your workers feel symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, congestion, runny nose and sneezing during the workday, only to have those symptoms disappear when you leave the building. It’s not just a workday problem – contaminants can cause long-term damage such as heart disease. An organized workspace gives allergens fewer places to hide.

Reaching Tools Shouldn’t Be a Workout

Tools in your workspace should be arranged intuitively, in accordance to how often they are used. Those used the most should be within arm’s reach. Less-used tools can be stowed away in drawers. Those used infrequently can be kept away from the primary workstation.

Workers should not need to take unnecessary trips across the production floor. While they do need regular breaks to maintain their focus and reduce fatigue, they should be able to comfortably reach everything they need without going out of their way. Poorly designed or outdated workplaces make injury more likely. As a company manager, it is up to you to provide a comfortable working environment that can be adjusted and customized as processes change. Our storage cabinets make adjustment simple. The bold, simple change to your working environment allows you to provide a workspace that can keep up with an ever-innovating company. Workers who are satisfied with the conditions of their workspace will be glad to grow with you.

The heavy, industrial grade products we sell at ShopFlow Solutions are designed to help support this effort to eliminate waste at your organization - by creating industrial storage, material handling, workspace equipment, parts organization, and CNC tool protection answers so that you can keep your employees’ workspaces clean, organized and efficient.

Contact us at (800) 274-4123, and let’s get the conversation started on how we can help you make your company a better place to work.

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