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Color Coded Industrial Storage Bins - LEAN Manufacturing Keys


Make Your Workplace Work – Color Coded Bins and Visual Management

It doesn’t have to be expensive or particularly time consuming either to create a well-organized workspace that generates organizational and financial benefits that (far!) outweigh the costs.

You can combine our storage bins with louvered panel systems, bin racks, panel racks and 5S storage cabinets to build a much more efficient and effective manufacturing operation or shop floor.

Visual management is a major piece of your improvement plan. It relies on using visual information to make your workspace and manufacturing process easier for your workers to understand.

It takes less training with a system like this in place. And it helps current workers stick to the program which is 

SBS Series Bins

eliminating waste…and also making their jobs easier.

  • Expedite order picking
  • Reduce parts handling time
  • Control inventory
  • Shorten assembly times

Color codes are handy, and people are quick to recognize them; each section or process should have its own color if possible.

At ShopFlow Solutions we feature both color-coded, small part industrial storage hanging bins and also industrial storage stacking bins.

These make it simple to organize your stockroom, warehouse, office space and production areas.

Labeling storage bins in addition to their color coding eliminates any confusion in how tools are stored and where they can be found. Labels and colors make cleanup easier, and mean less time is wasted searching for materials.

Using labels and color codes also makes it easier for workers to adjust to changes in processes. In a workspace of continuous improvement, it may take a few tweaks in arrangement and storage to find the best possible setup, especially as your business grows.

Smart visual management in manufacturing doesn’t only improve your current workflow – it also allows for seamless scaling and adjustment as time goes on. At ShopFlow Solutions we have everything you need for a LEAN workplace; high-quality, heavy-duty construction means that changing the way you work is much easier than you ever thought possible.

Contact or call us today at (800) 274-4123, and let’s get started towards making your operation more efficient, and profitable!

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