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Bin Racks

Bin Racks

Warehouse Storage Bin Racksindustrial-storage-racks.jpg

Organize, Inventory, Track Component Parts

Preconfigured Storage bin racks from ShopFlow are widely viewed as the preferred small and medium-size parts storage and inventory control management tool.  Made from sturdy, thick-wall Polypropylene material, our bins resist water, oils and acids and are easy to clean.  Large mouth bin openings provide efficient small parts selection and superior visual management.

Product Highlights:

  • 16-gauge cold-rolled steel rails
  • Thick powder coated finish
  • Wide selection of rack sizes and bin choices
  • Large, hard-wearing casters provide effortless maneuverability
  • Heavy-duty steel base insures superior stability
  • Rail design is light-weight and space-saving
  • Easy to assemble 

Racks are available in one and two-sided configurations.  Thick steel construction supported by extremely stable floor stand or hard-wearing casters are ideal for factory floor, warehouse, stockroom or office environment.

Includes up to 92 polypropylene storage binslean-5s-image7.jpg


  1. Maintain visibility and tracking of component parts and supplies
  2. Locate near work area for improved productivity
  3. Reduce waste aind increase picking accuracy
  4. Maximize valuable floor space
  5. Double-sided racks expand storage options
  6. Control and track inventory
  7. Highly ergonomic 

Bin Rack Key Features

Stacking storage bins are tough PP material that will not warp or bend 

Tough and durable hanging storage bins

Trouble-free assembly and handling 

Easy to assemble storage bin racks

Heavy-duty coated steel construction

Heavy duty steel bin racks

Rugged, long-lasting castors provide effortless maneuverability

Easy to maneuver bin racks

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