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Bin and Panel Racks

Bin and Panel Racks

Organize Operating Supplies and Component Parts     bno6c.jpg

Bin and Panel Racks from ShopFlow are widely viewed as the preferred small and medium-size parts storage and inventory control system.  Organize stockroom, warehouse, production and assembly areas, and office space with ShopFlow Solutions bin and panel racks. Choose from industry’s widest selection of preconfigured and customizable bin racks that address every commercial application with:

  1.  Single and double sided models
  2.  Floor standing and mobile versions
  3.  Preconfigured models ship with storage bins
  4.  Combine louvered and perforated panels
  5.  Use hanging bins and tool hangers on same rack
  6.  Total of 19 sizes and styles shipped from stock

Built to Last

SFS heavy-duty bin and panel racks are built from thick-gauge powder-coated steel that are used in the harshest industrial environments.  Louvered and perforated panels are fabricated from 16 gauge cold rolled steel and are finished with thick powder coating to vastly increase durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.  Fabricated and molded from hard-wearing coated steel and industrial-grade polymers, all component parts are sturdy and long-lasting.  Oversized molded handles, large diameter swivel and locking casters match the rock-solid, virtually indestructible framework of SFS storage racks.  All bin and panel racks comprise few components and can easily be assembled by one person.

Bin Racks are preconfigured with a fixed number of storage bins of various sizes.  Choose from 12 stock sizes and styles.  Rails are fabricated from 16 gauge coated steel and bolt onto a heavy steel frame and steel base.  Choose floor stand or mobile racks that are offered with 6, 7, or 8 rails per side.  Total number of bins per rack range from 21 to 92, including multiple colors and sizes to accommodate a variety of supplies.

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Panel Racks can be customized by combining louvered and perforated panels on one rack.  The industry’s most versatile rack lets you use hanging bins and tool hangers on the same rack.  Panels are produced from 16 gauge coated steel, adhered to a thick-wall steel frame and heavy-duty steel base.  A total of six frame sizes in single and double sided configurations with 3, 4, 6, and 8 panel options.  Simply select the number of louvered and/or perforated panels to build-out your custom rack.  

louvered-feature.jpg   perf-feature.jpg

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  • Visual management system                                    
  • Control and track inventorylean-5s-image7.jpg
  • Minimize parts handling
  • Enhance material flow
  • Shorten assembly times
  • Locate supplies where needed
  • Improve accuracy
  • Enhance operator productivity

Bins That Dish-It-Out

All ShopFlow storage bins are molded from thick-wall Polypropylene material, resistant to oils, acids, water, extreme temperatures and are easily cleaned. Every bin incorporates a thick side panel rib and wide top rim that adds strength and rigidity.  SBS and SBH series bins will not bend, warp, or deform when hanging on louvered panels.  Large, beveled opening dispenses parts comfortably and efficiently, while maintaining a secure position.  Choose from 5 sizes per style and three standard colors.  Use our heavy duty storage bins to color code products, reducing the opportunity for mixing items accidentally.   

ShopFlow Bin and Panel Racks are the most versatile, effective method for organizing small parts and components.  Ideally suited for “LEAN” and 5S initiatives providing complete visual management of supplies.  And, if you need a rack configuration not found in our stock line, please contact us.  We will work with you to design and build a custom solution that meets your exact specifications.  


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