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Add-On Stock Accessories 

Improve your workspace with ShopFlow industrial duty storage and material handling products, and then enhance those products with the appropriate accessories. Tool cabinets and work stations offer the best in organization and storage solutions, but you can maximize their value with the perfect accessory.

Pegboard hanger fixtures provide specific solutions for managing workplace tools and gear.  Great for visual management of frequently used shop tools can reduce wasted time and motion.  A must-have for 5S and Lean manufacturing initiatives.

Preconfigured cabinet drawer compartment bins help sort, standardize and sustain parts organization efforts. Produced from thick-wall Polypropylene material, these compartments are extremely durable and resist oils, acids and water.  Designed to offer you the utmost flexibility and use of space when partitioning your cabinet drawers.

Cabinet Drawer Compartments

Cabinet Drawer Compartments

Perforated Panel Hangers

Pegboard Accessories



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