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Why You Should Choose ShopFlow Solutions


What’s in a name.  Chances are if you are reading this you are in need of an application or system solution, and that is what we do.  And, we do it for every area of your business.  You will find a total solution for industrial storage, material handling, work space equipment, parts organization, and CNC tool protection right here.  Your minimal investment will deliver quantifiable cost savings and operational improvements including inventory reduction, labor savings, reduced down time, lower scrap, and increased efficiency.  Other tangible benefits include higher level of worker satisfaction, cleaner environment, improved accuracy, and safer work place.


But, product coverage is only the beginning.  More importantly, you will find only heavy-duty, industrial grade products that will stand-up to the harshest industrial environment.  When you spend money on industrial equipment and supplies, you want your money’s worth.  Relax knowing that our stuff lasts!  Built for the harshest industrial applications, you can rely on our coated steel storage equipment and our thick-wall polymer containers and bins to hold up for the long haul. 


Because we supply directly to OEM and end-users, you receive an industry-leading quality product at what others pay for a lighter-duty alternative.  Thick-gauge, thick-walled, and thick-coated products you will be proud to put on your shop floor.  Spend the same here as you would for inferior products, but enjoy industry's highest quality industrial equipment.


If you are charged with implementing a Lean Manufacturing program, you have come to the right place.  All SFS material handling and storage equipment are designed for Lean and 5S initiatives.  But, even if a formal Lean implementation is not your focus, creating a workspace that is well-organized, clean, visual, worker-friendly, and space saving is the smart choice for every shop floor, warehouse, stock room, fabrication, assembly and tool shop site.

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